The Agrarian Kitchen

COOKING + GARDENING + LIFESTYLE CLASSES: It all began back in 2008 when Rodney Dunn and Séverine Demanet opened The Agrarian Kitchen Cooking School and Farm within their home in The Old Schoolhouse in Lachlan. After 13 years, the idea to move the cooking school and garden into Willow Court was planted, like a seed that has taken root and slowly grown. In the empty rooms of the Bronte building a new kitchen has been constructed, utilising the knowledge of years of previous classes to create the exciting next chapter. Just metres behind the Bronte building, within the walls of an old exercise yard, the garden team have been busy creating the new garden. One acre in size, it is a space to grow vegetables for the restaurant, kiosk and classes. It is a space for learning, insight and inspiration, where visitors can take garden tours, cooking classes, gather ingredients for the day or where keen gardeners garner knowledge during workshops.

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11A The Avenue, New Norfolk TAS 7140

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