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Bigger, deeper, wilder, weirder — that’s just the way it is in the Derwent Valley. Although we’re just 40 minutes outside of Hobart, it feels like we’re a world away from everywhere. Here, the trees are taller, the caves are deeper, the UFOs are buzzier, the trout are plumper, the produce is tastier… You could say it almost feels too unbelievable to be true … but, true it is (well, true-ish).

Since the very beginning, the Derwent Valley has been an important destination for Tasmanians. From the Big River Nation tribes, to the first European settlers, to today, our region’s pure waters, fertile lands, important locations and deep (and at times, dark) history has welcomed, protected and restored all that have called The Valley home.

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In 2017, a small collective of tourism operators, passionate about The Valley, set out to establish a new Derwent Valley brand. The group’s original goal was to establish a Derwent Valley Tasmania Facebook page, followed by a website — this website. Our initiative quickly swelled into a true grass-roots movement.

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The Derwent Valley is one of Tasmania’s most breathtakingly diverse and fertile regions, a centre for premium wine and produce, an unrivalled hub for adventure and watersports, custodian to some of Tasmania's earliest (and most enduring) history, and home to many of Tasmania's best accommodation, experiential, and lifestyle experiences.

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The secret is out — the Derwent Valley is changing. Although we’re still rooted in our histories and traditions, and our landscape remains pristine and unspoilt, visitors are discovering the opportunities our beautiful region has to offer. Our High Streets are reviving, our towns are tapping into new experiences, and our quaint cottages are welcoming new families.


Photo (top) Hamish Lockett. Pho (lower) Stu Gibson